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2020-04-03 18:11

Tutorial for Adding Facebook Comments to WordPress Without a Plugin. Posted on by Mukesh M. I am going to show you how you can add Facebook comments to your wordpress blog without using a plugin. Here's what I will be covering in this tutorial:Want to add Facebook comments to your WordPress site instead of the native WordPress comments? While there are plenty of plugins to help you enhance the native WordPress comments system, you might want to completely switch things up and move to Facebook instead. wordpress blog facebook comments

Facebook Comments WordPress, as the name implies, is a WordPress comments plugin thats integrated with Facebook. The immediately noticeable downside to this solution, of course, is that people who dont have Facebook accounts wont be able to leave comments.

Features of WordPress Facebook comments plugin. Facebook comments plugin is an nice tool for displaying your Facebook comments on your website. This plugin is very useful for improving your website on social websites. Blog WordPress Gallery plugin 2) Facebook comments for WordPress without plugin Some folks prefer to do the things on their own, for theme I have shared the code and scripts, which can be added directly to your themes template in order to have the Facebook comments on your blog.wordpress blog facebook comments Here's a step by step guide on how to install Facebook comments in WordPress. Want to install Facebook comments on your WordPress site? Here's a step by step guide on how to install Facebook comments in WordPress. This blog here: When you comment his facebook publication, its automatically commenting his blog, keeping the theme of the

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Wordpress blog facebook comments free