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2020-03-29 03:40

Heres how you use the Facebook Ads Grid Tool to see if your image meets Facebooks 20 text exposure rule: 1) Visit the grid tool here. 2) Click the choose file button. 3) Find the image that youll be using for you ad and upload it. 4) Once the image uploads, youll then see the image overlayed with aTo fulfill the 20 rule, text in the Facebook Grid Checker Tool may appear in a maximum of 5 boxes. If the picturebanner has text in 6 or more boxes, it will be disapproved by FB, because it violates 20 percent facebook grid 20 percent

Facebook Grid Image Checker Tool: Facebook 20 Text Rule. Featured: How to Setup Call Tracking For Your Website. Track and Manage Your Phone Leads Phone Call Tracking, Recording, Analytics. Step 1) Upload an image from your computer (1 MB max

Why You Need A Facebook Ads Image Grid Template: Facebook Ads has a rule that says no more than 20 of an ad image can contain text. Its broken the hearts of many wouldbe Facebook marketers trying to get their ads approved. The 20 text rule for image ads on Facebook has been in force for some time. They even provided a basic grid tool that allowed you to check how much of your image was obscured by text. Without any fanfare, and certainly no notification to their advertisers, they quietly dropped the rule.facebook grid 20 percent Examples of ads that break the 20 percent text rule. Source: Facebook. The way ads were tested involved uploading the ad images into a 25 rectangle grid (hence the name Facebook Grid Tool). If text was present in over 20 percent of the rectangles, Facebook would reject your ad.

How to Quickly Overcome Facebook Ads 20 Percent Text Rule. Tweet. Share. Pin. Go to Edit Preferences Grids, guides& Slices, and set your Grid to show a Gridline every 20 percent with 1 subdivision. To show the grid within Photoshop, go to View Show and select Grid, or just use Ctrl plus to toggle it on and off. facebook grid 20 percent Join or Log Into Facebook Email or Phone. Password The new Facebook Grid Tool for advertisers shows you whether images in your ad contain more than 20 text. Ads that do are rejected by Facebook or worse. New! Facebook 20 Percent Grid Rule Checker for Advertisers. More text violates Facebooks 20 percent grid rule. Ads that do that are rejected by Facebook or worse.

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