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2020-02-22 15:50

Thanks Pascal. Both of these worked great. One last question, I have a login page thats separate from the forum page. Do you have a code I can put in my functions file that will redirect a user to the forum page once they have logged in?im new to buddypress. i want to create a private one where only members can view and add info. this is for a closed group that only has about 30 members. i had been using simple membership to control what pages were viewable. do i need this still? or is nothing viewable in buddy press until they bbpress private forum title

Thanks Emma, But what I need is the ability to be selective so if I have two private forums 1 and 2 and I have three users x, y and z Id only want x and y to see private forum 1 and not 2 and user z to only see private forum 2 and not 1.

An addon to the bbPress forum plugin creates private forum groups. The group forums can be individually set to public or private. Forum title and description (but not topics or replies) can be set to be visible to nongroup users, allowing people to see that a forum exists but not access it minor change to forum private Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum Part 1. Now just create a wordpress page that has the heading that was found in a. above eg if the root slug is forums create a page with the title forums, and save. Public Anyone can see these forums Private Only logged in registered users with a forum role canbbpress private forum title If you are using bbPress for a support forum, this plugin can greatly reduce the number of support discussions that are created. All forum owners should welcome the fact that members will create fewer discussions on topics that already exist. 8. bbPress Private Replies. Private Replies allows members to mark their replies as private.

Jun 29, 2015  bbPress: WordPress Plugin Private Groups Adds Forum Groups To User Roles bbPress is a fantastic and simple WordPress forum plugin for a website running on WordPress. However, the defined bbPress user roles (keymaster, moderator, participant, spectator and blocked) cannot distinguish between different forums. bbpress private forum title Whilst bbPress provides a good set of forum roles, with distinct capabilities, you may want to amend these or add new names. Adding new names. At the simplest levels, you can add a new role name and give it existing capabilities Ah okay, thanks Andre, but I dont really want this bbpress plugin forum to get confused with the buddypress group forums, I just want to set some forums to members only. Maybe I can do this with a user roles plugin as currently Admin can see the private forums so maybe there is a way using user roles to give authors and above access. Ive set up bbPress on a clients website. They have a private forum and unfortunately the word Private gets appended to the forum title twice. The actual title that I created is Parish News and Discussion but on the page it reads Private: Private: Parish News and Discussion Is there a reasonable way to fix this?

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